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When for example you bring 120 but you only need 100, a machine that would destroy the exvess of 20 instead of having to restock it.Or when your storage is full to continue to see the flow and not stationnary convoyers
I've said this before and I'll say it again, stop producing a bunch of stuff you don't need. If you're producing so much you need an automated way to just trash it, slow down or completely shut down your production.
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The problem would not occur if there was a continuous demand for high end products, e.g. to be fed into the space elevator as a sink.

See also https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/22692/reaches-saturation-require-continuous-consumption-resources

Of course you would still have overproduction but then it is more a balancing question. Now you only need to wait long enough and the entire production comes to a halt.
It's sometimes not possible to stop producing surplus stuff. For example, I have a coal node that feeds into a bunch of coal generators. But I also split off that line and feed into a foundry to make steel. The issue is that I get coal way faster than iron, so the coal tends to clog up the production line. I'd make a separate line for the iron, but the factory is built in such a cramped location, it isn't possible.

So, being able to dispose of the excess coal or, at the very minimum, lower the rate at which it moves, would be very helpful. I can't just not produce the coal because the coal generators depend on it.
Still no reason to destroy the coal. Just let it wait on the conveyor.
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+1 Right now smart/programmable spliters are useless because of no way to manage overflow.

Mind you, these only become worthwhile in really large bases, and you definitely don't want to need manual intervention in that type of base.

With a large enough late game base, if your stockpiles of regular goods fill up, the overflow could easily fill something like an industrial container/min and cleaning that up manually would be a huge chore.

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Not sur but I think the converter is the key (read the description on wiki)

can be used to convert any 2 raw resources into any 1 raw resource of the players choice. It requires 40MW of power to operate,

so you cain virtually trash any production excess you want.

That's use S.A.M fluctuator for convert resources creat from S.A.M ore.
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i think you're right, thank you !
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