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I think it would be a good idea to have multiple types of splitters and smart splitters. For instance the three way splitter can only be split into any number of lanes that is divisble by three for instance 3 , 6, 9, 12 ect. There is a way around this though by having a sixth output lead back into the merger on the main conveyer. I think it would be much easier to included different splitters for different needs for instance a 2-way splitter and a - 5 way splitter which would make splits easier without having to lead back into the main line with a merger. I also think that smart versions of these splitters would be handy too.

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You can make "easy" splitters for any number you can write as a 2n * 3m (with n and m being integers from 0 to "infinity").

4 way -> Split in 2, split each of those in 2

6 way -> split in 3, split each of those in 2


Any number that isn't 2n * 3m can be achieved by:
Factor the number.
Remove all the 2 and 3 factors. (so 10 -> 5 * 2, remove the 2, hold the 5)
Split the remainder into the first largest number that does follow the 2n * 3m rule (so for 5, that would be 6).
Split in 6, feed the 6th back in, you now have 5 lanes.  You can now split each of those lanes by the remaining 2 and 3 factors. (so for 10, split each of the 5 into 2).

The real question is...  WHY do you want to even try to split a lane into 5 "lanes that HAVE to be equal.  There really is very very little reason to do so.

"load balancing" your fabrication is not needed, daisy chaining splitters works perfectly fine and is a lot easier to set up and manage.

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