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An early game, non-automatable greenhouse that would need to be powered to run grow lights. It would be able to grow leaves, paleberries, beryl nuts, and bacon garlic up to a single stack. Each unit would only be capable of producing one resource at a time and would need a "seed" resource to begin production, and possibly water if it is added as a resource. As an early game structure it's production rates would be fairly slow especially for healing items.


A later game automatable structure for growing leaves, wood, flowers, and mycelia. It would require computers or supercomputers in its construction due to the complicated automation of harvesting. The addition of glass as a resource would be needed. Silica could be run through a smelter to produce glass sheets and then glass sheets and plastic run through an assembler to produce windows. Windows could also be used in walls. Once constructed would need a "seed" resource to begin production. The greenhouse would allow for the complete automation of fabric for use in filters, and serve as an alternate source of coal after researching enhanced coal.

If implemented greenhouse could also lead to another alternate recipe. Bio-oil produced from biomass and biofuel, which could be used for the production of rubber and plastic. Fuel would still require oil.
Sounds like a interesting idea for a mod, but it really isn't needed in the base game. Once you have done a bit of exploring, you soon have enough consumables to make a games worth of inhalers.
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Didn't agree with you I think biosphere is good idea

It's not only the Inhaler

This game is about automating everything
And some of the recipes in the game can't be automated (or only half way)

Harvesting of leaf, wood, mycelia, flower, berry and mushrooms

Automation of bio mass, bio fuel, fabric, parachut, gaz filter, hazmat filter, medical Inhaler, coal from wood, paint gun cartridge

So 9 recipes cain't be fully automated be cause you need to harvest the basic resources manually.

biosphere solve the problem with only one building ! It's the best and easiest way to do
Your comment is flawed, because, in the current game, resources for healing are finite (meaning they run out with no way to get more once each item is harvested per harvest location).
And of course, what has been stated already below your comment.
The Spitters definitely do respawn, giving you an infinite source of Inhaler ingredients.
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