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Alright. Let me clarify first.

1. Takes a long time to load up the world. I have a ton of stuff loading and rendering. 
2. I have like hundreds of assemblers, manufacturers, smelters, constructors, foundries, miners and storege units, all the storege units are filled to the max with all possible items that can be made (few storage units with Bauxite ores). All are placed on foundations (thousands) in 3 levels. (see picture)3. If i do a "flyby" under the levels of foundations, it will lag as hell. (so many things happened at the same time, so it a no brainer) althou this will not happened in the early access version.

4. Not always but some times when i go and pick up units from the storage units that are visible on the left side of the picture, where my radio controlled unit, aluminium ingots, heat sinks and the new stuff are stored, i get a crash. It seems to be related to when trying to pick up from the storage units. First time it happened on the top floor, as you can see on the picture (to the left) second time it happened on the second floor, just beneth the manufactures that manufactures radio controlled units on the top floor (seen in the picture, to the left 5 manufactures)

When playing the early access version where the new stuff from Tier 7 & 8 are missing, no crashes accure during picking up items from nearby storage unit such as Computers, rubber and Crystal Ocillators. 

You should be able to see version number im playing, but if not its: CL#100692
I have no mods, no hack, no cheats. I just have a lot of buildings, perhaps even thousands on theese 3 floors on  thounds of foundations. There are also miles, and miles of conveyer belts (MK3)

I can send 2 crashlog if needed.

Best wishes.

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