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I have a big problem with my normal Early Access version of the game. It crashes as soon as the Satisfactory logo is shown with an Ureal Engine failure:

An Ureal process has crashed: UE4-FactoryGame

Version: 99427

You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash

I tried everything from reinstalling the game, reinstalling Epic Laucher, installing unreal engine....nothings works. I searched the internet for hours but can't find a fix for the problem. intresting enough the Experimental version still works like a charme.

Has anybody else experienced thiis problem or know how to handle it?
Did you try to load a save from the Experimental version into the EA version?
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No, it doesn't even load the game to the main menu so i can't load any save game
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I also have this issue, I also tried everything, re-installs, upgrade / downgrade video drivers, verified install.

I sent multiple emails to Epic support regarding this issue and have not received a single response.
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Try starting the game with compatibility mode set to Windows 8, worked for me. game exe ist called FactoryGame.exe in Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess

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I too had this problem today. I bought a new logitech keyboard, mouse and headset. I tried reinstalling EA, EA experimental, Epic launcher, checked processes, tried various compatibility settings and restarting the PC several times. Nothing worked.

Later figured i should try uninstalling the logitech software, both Logitech Options and Logitech Unifying software. That did it. The game launched to the menu and to the save.
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updatet graphic drivers to last stable amd drivers, game started one time, than back with the same error
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