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The wiki speculates:

Batteries can be loaded into fuel slots on Vehicles, and will likely be more efficient than Fuel.

In fact in the current experimental build they are much less efficient than fuel, let alone turbofuel. One stack gets consumed in virtually no time. Is that going to change and what is the envisaged future use of batteries anyway?

I think oil based fuel (I have not gotten to batteries yet, so I can't comment properly on that) runs out a bit fast.
What if vehicles had 2 fuel slots? one for "fuel" (coal, gasoline, etc.) and a second slot for batteries? When both slots are in use, they act together for better performance (just like "smart cars")

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This has been fixed in a recent patch, battery now is 3 times more effective thanTurbofuel.
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Tier 10. devillaugh

Smart phones.

Requires supercomputers. Plastic, silica and batteries (and they'll run out of charge just before you get home). 

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