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Would be awesome to have blacklist/whitelist options on the truck stations. Whitelist vehicles that can load/unload from that truck station.

I sometimes run past my (badly positioned) truck stations and it empties my explorer vehicle's inventory into the system. Would be great to able to blacklist/whitelist vehicles or at least the type of vehicle.
I would love for trucks and truck stations to get a gameplay passover with these suggestions in mind. Maybe after trains are implemented the devs will have the time revisit existing systems before moving on to higher tech tiers.
How about only (un)loading when the truck stops at a station therefore ignoring any trucks that just drive through the station. This is how the trains worked in earlier builds.
I agree trucks should only Load/Unload when at a total stop at the truck stops
I made a Smart truck station post which had this as part of it, though, I did not say "black list / white list".

Regardless, it IS a good idea and would add quite a bit of QoL to gameplay.
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Another solution to the problem is reduce the size or foot print of the zone that the truck has to be in before the station is activated.  When I first built truck stop I drove in & out a few times but it would not reactivate because the system considered I had not left the yard..  For automation this may also require more accurate positioning of the vehicle from what I read
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