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Is the game going to have SLI support?
i have a i5-4590 16GB RAM and 2 GTX 970 in high option video i have 30 FPS
(this can be because is a Early ALPHA?)

P.D: I'm not complaining that the game is not going well. This ASK, is only a Request


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I would also love to see this so my i5 8600k would stop bottle necking with my gtx 1070 ti. I got a second card just for this reason. I hope sli gets added soon

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Yeah. The Game ist currently only Splitting the VRAM, not the Processing Power.
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There was a thread about that a while back. SLI may work with Satisfactory, it might just require some tweaking. Perhaps grab a copy of "Nvidia Profile Inspector" (search in google) and use it to look at how nvidia configured SLI For other Unreal Engine 4 games, like ARK: Survival Evolved supports SLI And scales with it. Then apply the bits to a new profile for Satisfactory and see if it works. I suggested that in the other SLI thread and no one seemed to ever come back with the results. SLI is still an active and supported technology. Nvidia is adding more SLI profiles to their drivers with every new driver update that comes out. Perhaps some day Coffee-Stain Studios could submit their game to Nvidia for SLI support so we can get an official driver for it. This game could benefit from it a lot.
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Hey Crosus,

Currently the game is mainly CPU capped, SLI won't make much of a difference in this case.

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This game is only CPU-Limited if you are running at 1080p. For folks that want 100+ FPS constant @ 1440p and above, that is entirely a GPU based load and here multiple GPU's would definitely help. Multi-GPU support would be very nice for this game.
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Would be cool if you don't only think inside your box. ;)

There are also AMD users out there, so if asking for multi GPU support, please ask for all of us, and not only yourself. Thank you!

BTW: Yes low FPS is also a thing cause of this is still Early Access. Also you don't have a beefy CPU - as i5-CPUs are not the highend stuff they pretend to be (sometimes) ^^

For your information, my Hardware:

  • Intel Xeon 1241

  • 16 GB of RAM

  • Sapphire Vega64 GPU

  • Game is installed on a SSD

I don't have 60FPS often.

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