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I have a lot of input lag in-game.

I've changed the video settings to high and medium and it didn't work, I've also turned on V-sync and it didn't do anything
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Getting input lag too, mostly when driving around. Not sure if this is just from the engine rendering new scenery so much faster than while walking or if it's something to do with the game always being "online", but either way it's pretty annoying. Up to 2-3 seconds of input lag sometimes, bad enough to cause some running into things you "steered" around or doing a doughnut or two because the steering doesn't let up.
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Months later-New start in "Forest" start, singleplayer- Input lag is soo bonkers that I can't even plot routes for my Sugarcubes. Driving along, BLAMMO-lag, input registers hard left for a solid 3 seconds after TAPPING button, driving into tree/off cliff/past truck station/ into lake/ etc. I even undercut all my settings to medium, no luck. I'm very much thinking this is a symptom of being always online, but I for sure don't KNOW that. Whatever it is, it majorly sucks.
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