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When playing on a keyboard layout that isn't based in the US "qwerty" layout, but on the french base "azerty" layout (I'm on a Belgian keyboard).  There is an issue with the hot bar.

In this keyboard layout, the "number" keys on top of the alphabetic characters default to NON-numeric mode. This helps typing because it defaults to the accented characters that are in there rather than numbers (which you have a numeric pad for anyway).

So you need to rebind the shortcuts1 through 10. No problem so far.

This ends up being Shortcut1 = "Ampersand", Shurtcut2 = "é", etc.

The issue is with Shortcut6.  You bind this to the '6' key, but it's actually "§", the paragraph symbol. Still no problem all fine up to here.

However when you are trying to USE the hotkey... typing the key doesn't work.  You need to Shift-Type the key for it to use the hotkey.  This is strange and annoying because it's the only one of the keys requiring this.
This is a tricky problem - probably more related to Windows than the game itself.

A workaround would be to map the US English (NOT international or Dvorak) keyboard before loading the game.
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