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I've been playing about 14 hours and really love the game so-far, lots of work to get done but it's coming along nicely. 

This post is all about ramps with some glitches/ nearly un-useable and the rest suggestions

Walkway ramps

  • User cannot choose if they want it to go up or down (unless I'm missing something)
  • I recommend a button to switch from + to - elevation change. Middle click seems like the most obvious choice but R would also work
  • ramps cannot be connected to buildings to get to the pre-installed catwalks on all buildings (WHY NOT!!!) (see https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/935/walkways-foundations-allow-snapping-storage-constructors
  • What is the point of ramps and spiral staircases? stairs are kind of painful to use because of how many flights are needed to rise such a short distance.

Foundation ramp issues:

  • Placing a ramp should default to the big part of the wedge connected to the foundation. It always seems to start wrong.
  • Allow corner ramps with an auto detect if it's placed on outside corners
  • Instead of two ramps and two foundation sizes, allow users to scroll wheel up and down to change thickness.
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If you orient a ramp against a foundation the way it should go, but do not click, moving the mouse to point at the next foundation rotates the ramp out of alignment too.

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Scroll wheel is set to rotate the items - including changing the up/down orientation of your walkway ramps.
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