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Hello there,

It would be nice if it would be possible in the game to build something like a Command Center.

In this Room (or predesigned Building... Maybe using the HUB with a late-game upgrade for it) you could link all your Storage containers, Sensors for Belts (Like check the Item Flow) see the Power consumption and which generator is online, start and stop generators and so on... the heart of the base. Also maybe you could see where your trucks etc are and how long they need for the next delivery.

Possible hard to implement this but I think some more sensors and some kind of logic network with a great value in overview would be nice in the game and reduce the amount of running around. So we could stay efficient.
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big fat +1

should be part of the hub control room imo
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I like his one! It tends to the interest of players who like management, statistics, analysis or just likes to have a nice overview of the total production.


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That would be an excellent excuse to use all those monitors and the desk in the bedroom.
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