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Id like a large scale electrical tower for power transport, Like the huge ass metal towers you'll see near highways sometimes. Just something big looking with a huge distance to transport power with the cables high off the ground as to not get in the way of your factories.

Id give it the ability to connect to other Electrical towers and have it require a transformer station to pull power from it. Have a higher cable cost than normal power poles have but still cheaper than placing 600 poles. Make it a mid to late game building (Tier 5-6)

I want one partially for that industrial Aesthetic but also as a useful item when you've got a power plant thats far off.

Cost for the tower could be;

50 Limestone

150 Iron Rods

25 Caterium Wire

20 Heavy Modular Frames

and have the Transformer Station be

100 Caterium

500 Copper

20 Computers/AI Limiters

15 Encased Steel

Any suggestions welcome

It's called a Transmission Tower (or Transmission Pylon if you're from the UK).

And I agree, this would be very useful.
This would indeed be nice. I mentioned it in my failed "wireless power revisit" question, and others have had varying ideas that mesh with this. would be nice to see a detailed power grid post detailing everything in one "question". Lots of good ideas out there that get lost in the back log of Q/A pages. Some not so easy to spot/search for.
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