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No idea if my theory works, but when you play the game, you got a big dense base, when you look at it, you're at 20 fps, but when you look away the fps doubles or even up to 50 fps.

Could you sort off add a "looking away" filter if you are far away enough that only will show static non animated belts with a "distance of choice" performance slider in graphic setting? Basycally how other open world games works. They don't show 5 fps static animated characters way into the distance, and neither should the game as of it's current cpu taxing state. Cause as of now, the animations and belts are too taxing for it's current "dualcore state". Please apply the "open world" popin of animations and make stuff only animate when you get close enough.

Cause what you could do is that if one belt has say coal on it, in the distance, it could show just a static non animated coal sprite standing still to indicate what's on the belt atm, and if the belt is empty, or lacking mats, it won't show anything on it.

Just a thought that could help the engine/game run better until we get proper multicore/thread support.
I think what you are looking for sounds like Level of Detail (LoD) which i think is already a thing but there is probably no slider for it.  That said I'm still surprised by the amount of detail and movement that i can see at a distance, which is cool but it has to be taxing.
Yep. And currently, the LOD still shows movement in the distance. And with the amount of say belts i have, i need LOD to be set to completely still and static.

https://i.imgur.com/VwnMJFF.jpg So this is a kill for me :P Look at the fps xD
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What I've found with this game is actually this game only "Draws" things that are visible. In my factory I've rebuilt everything to have a "Raised floor" style similar to computer datacenters where the factory floor is actually about 7-10 tiles above the actual ground, and then only the machines are on top, and the conveyor belts are down beneath that under the "Floor". This keeps my FPS rather high at all times. To get a sense of what I'm doing, go stand in the middle of your factory in the screenshot and build a 1x1 or 2x2 room complete with solid walls and ceiling and watch your FPS, then step outside and watch FPS.
If you enclose your conveyor belts in walls and foundations it should significantly improve your in-game performance. That's a big part of your problem is you have everything outside and exposed and then you're rendering everything at once.
i feel like you may have gone overboard with the belts.
Everything is belt connected, so may be.

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Belts are the most resource heavy part of the game, every item on a belt has to be rendered and simulated/position updated, and because you have 12,000 belts (looking at the screenshot) it is just crunching your CPU trying to update all those entities.
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Actually what I have discovered that significantly improves your frame rate is to wrap everything in walls and ceilings in game. If things are "Indoors" your computer won't render it when you're walking around unless you go inside the walls. I can not seem to understand why everyone builds all of these huge sprawling factories outside and don't cover them up and then everyone complains of bad performance. Well.. wrap it up. There's walls to let conveyors move in/out and doors and everything. Use em.
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