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So I find it annoying to have to find a specific item in my huge inventory, especially when I desperately need a berry or nut to keep from dying.
Solution - a radial menu show only items you can equip (maybe with a scroll within the radial menu to limit size) I imagine like the bombs/items in Witcher 3.

Mockup of what it would look like

I imagine it would behave like the resource scanner, except that there's too many items, so maybe hovering over the "body" section and using the mouse wheel, you can select from the subsections.

It's up to you guys how bulky / how many "sections" can be shown... I was thinking major categories - Health, Tools, Weapons, and Body, but others such as "building" for miners or color guns may be nice too... Your call.

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Why wouldn't you just keep Inhalers or Berries loaded into one of your 5 hand slots? Easy to find with the mouse wheel.
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Because Whenever you finish a stack, you have to refill the slot. I don't hoard berries or nuts so I never equip a stack larger than ~10. I still haven't messed with inhalers so maybe that would ease the burden. Either way it's more about finishing berries/nuts/mushrooms and then being chased while trying to equip more, only to equip them over the xeno-basher or something else I need to keep equipped. Would just streamline the process.
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