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It seems like the game is urging players to set up a foundation and build on the grid which seems like a fun challenge but there are a few oddities I've found:

  • Containers take up more than one foundation square in length. This seems like such a simple thing to make uniform. Or just make a storage room that is exactly an 8x8x8 cube with an in and an out.
  • Doors and walls with belts are at cross purposes to where the belt effectively blocks the door unless you put the belts on 2nd floor (see my 2x belt holder idea or even 4x belt holders (near top, far top, near bottom, far bottom) since there is room for two layers in a wall's height 
  • Walls with belts could have 2x belt holders, a near and a far.
  • Power in a building is UGLY (how do you even get power through a wall).  As recommended elsewhere, foundations should power all supported machines to further encourage the use of foundations.
  • Why make walls? is there any advantage to doors and walls on a building? maybe a 10% production bonus for not being outdoors? 
  • Are roofs going to be a thing? can they please come with lighting pre-installed?
  • when trying to get a level enough area it either means floating foundations or a huge amount of built up concrete, you could allow excavation to flatten terrain.

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This is great feedback.
Not just containers, but it seems a lot of the machine sizes are out of whack with the size of a foundation (smelters, constructors, assemblers). The size conflicts make building on foundations more trouble then it's worth.
The foundation power idea is a brilliant solution. That would give the player incentive to put machines into a building.
Terrain manipulation feels like it's going to have to be a thing here for the game to come together properly.
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a version of foundation or walls with power could be viable just add wires to the cost and either a different version with power hookups or an upgrade so you can attach and pull power for walls or just attach for foundation.

there wouldn't be unlimited connections that way on the walls.
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We could have quarter and halves foundations For fit better those slightly bigger machines or just to fill small gaps in walkways.
I don't  think that we need terraform or terrain manipulation. part of challenge is adaptation.
Also foundations with  converyor "holder" on bottom would be nice as a new way to move things indoors
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