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Can the U-Jelly Landing Pad be remodeled so that the jelly bit is square and the entire thing fits perfectly on a single foundation square, with enough clearance for walls around it? As it currently is, it can't be placed neatly on foundations like the Jump Pads can be. I realize it's larger so it's an easier target to hit, but it doesn't really need to be so large that it won't fit on a single foundation square.

I built what I'm calling a Rapid Descent Shaft and not only would it look much better if it would fit on a single foundation square, as it is now there is possibility to miss it so I just have to make sure to press forward and fall at the far side of the shaft, else I risk missing the jelly and hitting the ground if I fall in the corners closest to the building. The video will hopefully make it clear what I mean.

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This has been asked before. Please make use of the search function and support existing threads. This will increase the likelihood that this feature makes it in game.
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Comments like these are entirely unhelpful and read in the tone of some snobby self important prick sipping on a tea cup and loving the smell of his own farts, someone like this character that Jim Sterling does. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DMABtCiVQAAdf6V.jpg

News flash, most people don't care if something's been suggested before. If it was suggested months ago and hasn't happened yet, it needs to brought to attention again, not given a +1 and a "yes please" comment on a post that's 25 pages back where if the devs haven't seen  and acted on a buried post by now, they aren't going to just because someone added a +1 to it.

Do you honestly think they care how many upvotes a post has, like they track posts and wait for a post to get enough upvotes to add the feature to the game?  "Well gee, Bob, I saw this post a few months ago and I'd sure love to enact this idea but it only has 292 upvotes and as you know, we can't add or change anything unless the post suggesting it has at least 300 upvotes."  No of course they aren't sitting around counting upvotes waiting for a certain number so they can act on the suggestion. If one has a crazy amount of upvotes then sure they'll probably take notice, but otherwise they'll enact what they like and ignore everything else so the only thing making duplicate posts is doing is giving the suggestion a better chance to be seen by the devs because I'm sure they aren't sitting around refreshing the boards every 10 minutes to make sure they see them all. I'm sure they check occasionally but I'm also sure they miss a lot of posts that get made when they're not actually checking and then said posts get buried.
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> Do you honestly think they care how many upvotes a post has
Yes, yes I do. Fourteen posts wishing for the same thing, all with 0-4 votes, does not get the same attention by us as one post with 14-56 upvotes.

One of the reasons we went with this system for Q&A, is beacuse the autosearch feature when posting. As we'd prefer if users upvoted existing posts (that is why we wrote that in the right-side box), that is why we write it when you post questions, and that is why we wish for you to separate your questions/feedbacks into one post per feedback/question, so that the community can help us surface the most important/popular ones.
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