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A height-adjustable pole which behaves exactly like a conveyor-pole but allows snapping of rail tracks to it. As a placement helper in terrain to change height e.g. over roads, obstacles, rivers, other rail-tracks. As a 1-track version and more importantly as a 2-track version to allow 2-way rail-roads with perfect alignment, which are otherwise very are to accomplish.


Track-laying across terrain always happens at ground-level which easily leads to clipping with obstacles or the terrain itself which is not always wanted and makes the track somewhat eratic in height and alignment so people will try to high-level railroad tracks at some point either to allow vehicles under or over without sharing the road or to cross rough terrain, obstacles or other railroads and so on.

When laying railroad tracks across obstacles or simply through rough terrain or if you need to change height without a large free-flying rail-track ramp the only way is to build a foundation to reach a certain height, but it looks strange and too massive to use foundations for that all the time especially since railroad track don't snap to foundation-surfaces.


Having the option to place a pole like the conveyor pole, which allow height adjustment before the 2nd click would greatly help with track laying across the terrain, over other railroad tracks, roads and obstacles and in factories/stations.

Parallel/2-track support - For laying perfect parallel tracks (2-tracks) which will most definitly be done often the game currently have no support for the players and it must be done manually with visual estimation as tracks does not snap to foundations or anything other than stations or other tracks. So an additional railtrack pole with 2 lanes would be extremly helpful to maintain perfect distance between the tracks and with height-changes, curves and such.

Snapping-support - The railtrack pole should snap to foundations like the normal pole does, to support track laying in bases.

Alignment-Support ("green lines") - It would also be helpful if the railtrack pole can be aligned by pressing CTRL during placement to other railtrack poles and other railtracks (the display/snapping with the green lines). This would allow placing of straight railroad tracks in terrain.

Wall-/Steep Terrain mounted variation - Sometimes tracks wanted to be layed over rough terrain or along mountain-side or along factory walls with no or very deep ground level, e.g. along the deep canyons this map has so often. So a variation which creates a horizontal beam/support and can be placed freely at vertical/steep terrain and walls or foundation would be very handy (and extremly well looking). The height support could be helpful as well, but not to set the height over ground rather than the distance to the wall/terrain. Maybe the graphics can be adjusted too depending on the length and if one or two-tracks are prefered, e.g. stronger and/or more beams or a larger concrete supports or something.

Extremly innovative would be if the pole switches between the ground- and wall-mounted variation automatically depending on where the player points to.

Ball Joint as option for semi-free rotation of tracks - One issue with poles is that the connection of the tracks is vertically-fixed to 0° pitch (up/down) (= perfectly leveled) directly on the connection point. The yaw (left/right) angle is bound to the rotation the pole is placed. While this is often the wanted behaviour especially in stations/factories or directly at the top or bottom of a ramp, on placement in normal terrain especially on gentle slopes it leads to suboptimal track design with little ups and dows on every support.

An optional ball joint option for supports would allow the track to freely rotate yaw and pitch however it needs to allow optimal and fluently connect to the next supports and/or railtracks. The support only fix the connections position a little bit like an anchor point on a s-spline.

Either as an option in the setting of the support or as a dedicated building type of track support, but it's important that players can decide this for themselves.

Additional Improvements

Snapping of railtracks to foundation grids - In general it would be helpful if not only the Railtrack Pole but also the normal tracks should snap to the foundation grids as well. It's very helpful if not even a requirement for exact placement in bases/factories and for being able to build perfect aligned parallel tracks (not only 2-track also multi-track) and well looking switches/branches. Maybe the current free placement mode (non-snapping) can be preserved but only when pressing another hotkey at the same time, e.g. SHIFT or ALT. This suggestion is going around anyway to e.g. have free rotation of foundations in bases to build non rectangular (e.g. circular) foundation grids. -- Feature implemented as of 0.1.18

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I would also suggest stackable rail pillars with a 16m vertical gap and a possibility to build very long track sections (up to 500-1000m) with auto-placed pillars along the route.
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Yeah, after train update pillars, bracket and other supports already definitely necessary (not only rails, but for everything). Supports from blocks looks too ugly and non-technological. At the same time, the pillars that can be aligned on a fundament pannels or placed arbitrarily on the ground would make a huge contribution to the nice and realistic look of buildings.
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Thank you for your feedback. Can you convert your answer to a "Comment" like all the others above. As this is not an really answer it's a comment. I like to reserve answers for working workarounds, solutions, messages that this is now available or developer comments which may shed some light on future plans or not on this.
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Yes, i  noticed after posting, sorry. I don't know how to delete answer.
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There should be a button named "Convert to Comment" or something. At least I've seen it somewhere for Answers.
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