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The recipe for compacted coal is exceedingly difficult to find in harddrives.

In the last 3 games I started, I haven't found compacted coal after finding over 35 harddrives.

I have plenty of recipies that REQUIRE compacted coal that are essentially useless.

Can you either:

1) improve the find odds when analyzing the hard drive in the MAM.

2) Require compacted coal to be offered BEFORE any other recipies that require it.

3) Add compacted coal to the recipe list when you get a recipe that requires CC.

4) Just add CC to the standard Tier3 list.

At this point chasing hard drives is rather angering because I'm stuck with a bunch of recipes I can't use.
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I'd opt for option 4, but maybe increase the Tier a bit. Kinda like "ok you've been using coal for a bit, now before it gets made obsolete for power production by fuel, here's a way to make the coal burn longer. It's like turning biomass into biofuel so it burns longer. You remember back when you had to use that, right?"
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It's odd that you have recipes requiring compacted coal but not the compacted coal. I intentionally did not take the compacted coal recipe when offered; and have received NONE of the recipes using compacted coal even though compacted coal was the only remaining recipe. (Now saving my hard drives for the update.)
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Create a manual save when you know a drive is done, and before opening the M.A.M. This way if the resulting pattern choices do not have Compacted Coal as a choice, then you can re-load the save and continue opening the M.A.M. until you get Compacted Coal. There's no need to go get more hard drives.
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I agree with your second idea, although i have never had a problem getting it, so i think you're just unlucky

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pro tip:

if your hard drive is done researching, then save the game BEFORE interacting with the mam and if you don't get the recipe you wanted for the first time, reload the game and it will give you different ones.

repeat the process until you got what you want
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It shouldn't be possible to research compacted coal recipes, e.g. Turbofuel and Enriched Steel Ingot, without researching compacted coal. Based on the situation you've described, there are two possibilities:

  1. you've researched compacted coal but haven't unlocked it in the HUB; or
  2. your game has bugged out.
Either way, I doubt researching more hard drives is going to resolve the problem.
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I also got 200 hours + on my map and I still haven't found compacted coal or turbo fuel...... Using the save-reload-"bug" doesnt sound very satisfying to me....
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Currently, there is 39 alt recipies. Unless you save and reload, you might need to wait till the last 3, to find a certain recipie. RNG can hit you very hard at times.
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