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1. Train gets stuck in station.

The train stops at a station using the timetable , sits there , won't move, try and drive it manually away from the station and the power use goes up in the UI , but the train itself won't actually move..

Removing the timetable then trying to drive it manually doesn't work.

I bodged it  by loading in an old save, the train moved off to station number 2, I quickly removed the timetable and jumped on the train before it stopped at station number 2 , I could then control it manually again.

2. Unable to delete train or carriage,

IF part of a train or carriage is in the bounds of a station (even if it is being driven manually) you cannot delete it ,the tool looks like it is removing it , the animation completes but the train and/or carriage doesn't get removed and no resources are returned.

3. Train Docking stations model issue.

Placing a docking station down leaves 2 parts from the model 6 foundation squares in mid-air on the opposite side of the input/exit  points.
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With build #101256 I could delete the locomotive but still not the freight car.

Luckily, you can delete the rails and lay new ones, the new train will happily pass through the "ghost" wagon.
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Yep, got the same problem :/
And with the last patch i can delete locomotive but not wagons too.
Problem is that the locomotive won't move again. Strangely again, the locomotive is now tilt to left...
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It gets tilt when you remove the rails underneath. If you build new rails, your old locomotive can't use them. Build a new one on the new rail and it will be able to pass through.
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"the power use goes up in the UI , but the train itself won't actually move.."
I have the same problem, everything is powered but the train won't move
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Did you try replacing tracks?

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1. This happens when you ride the train during autopilot (not inside - on the roof of the train). Just save and reload your savegame (should fix it).

2. This should fix also the not beeing able to delete the train. Carriage must be empty before deleting (unload it) - at least that's what I heard about the carriage.
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Not valid , I wasn't riding the train and the train and carriage was on a test loop with nothing inside it.
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when trying to deconstruct the train, make sure it stands absolutely still.

RN, you cannot remove trains while they are in motion, so you might have to wait for it to be at full rest. (sometimes, it does move very slowly even though it does not look so at first)

For me, that worked so far and was consistent, if you have another problem then i apologize for not being able to give a fitting answer.

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