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There is currently a bug where trying to disassemble a docking station will mark the building orange when hovering over it, but left-clicking does nothing.

It will show the items you regain from disassembly but won't actually disassemble the building.

Removing the connected belts or station does nothing to solve the issue, but it does confirm this bug does not extend to adjacent objects.
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i had the same issue but was able to dismantle them by targeting floating pieces a few feet away.
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Not sure if this will work for you, but i deleted the name for the station and then it allowed me to deconstruct it.

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Try to point at the roof of the building for deconstruction I have this often when I deconstruct without looking up. The floating part will probably be removed at some point anyway and is to far anyways. Be warned I heared somewhere else the contents of docking station is not returned on deconstruction so empty it by hand first.
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I will keep this open for the devs to see but since I posted this for someone I played with and he resolved the issue, I'd like to thank you for your help :)
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Park you train in the Train Station.  At the back of the train station is a Switch.  Click that and decouple all Freight Cars.  After you have Decoupled the cars delete them and then you can delete your Freight Stations.  They seem to link to each other and cannot be deleted until the Car is deleted
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