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a splitter that will split certain amounts off one way or

example something splits 100 of one way 20 off the other way

saves a lot of splitters and mergers
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Would kinda defeat the purpose of all load-balancers (that to many of us is kinda fun to theorize about/planning). Carefully planning your factory ahead of time is part of the fun in these kind of games imo.
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It could be an advanced splitter feature, so that people that like crunching those numbers can still do that
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When mod support comes out you know one of the first things modders are going to be doing is load balancing splitters.

I get it though. It can be a pain, but man the sense of accomplishment you get doing a gnarly complex split and balance! Enjoy the mini game while it lasts.

Just look at conveyor lifts. Turns a half hour spiral belt project into.. click click done.
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