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Please allow players to set the direction a train station requires trains to drive into it from to trigger (un)loads. Currently train stations (not cargo stations) require trains to drive in from one direction, basically with the station buildings to the left of the track looking forward from the train. I would like it for this to be changeable, so that instead trains coming from the other direction and stopping trigger an (un)load.

This change would also allow players to model their Satisfactory railways on their nations' railways regarding whether trains run left- or right-handed. Left hand travel usually means that the english were involved at some point (like in Sweden apparently) while right hand travel usually means that they either weren't or that handedness changed at some point..

Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-_and_right-hand_traffic#Rail_traffic
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I agree, more from a convenience aspect and less IRL accurate. If we could set the side of the rail that the station building was on when placing and then, once placed, change the direction that train must enter from it would be very handy. As it stands currently I have a station and loading containers on opposite sides taking up a ludicrous amount of room because the station MUST be facing one way and the loading platforms are facing the other way. (Note: The factory producing goods is on the side of the loading platforms and I don't want to have conveyor belts crossing the rails just to get to the fill ports, it looks so UNsatisfactory that way.
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I agree. The convenience is as big a factor as IRL accuracy is. It's just that I've seen a lot of vids with people setting down train stations right handed and wondering why things aren't working. Since many of these videos are by germans I think they're putting them down based on what they see IRL and the side of the road they drive on.

At the moment the arrows and sign CSS has added make things clearer but that doesn't mean that reversability or a second righthanded model isn't wanted (badly).
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