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I don't really like the new reactor models. They are really plain and you can no longer look inside. And from what I've heard, almost all of the community liked the old model better. But, I do understand why you guys changed them. (At least I think I do) The old model didn't really work well with the nuclear fuel rod model, and in the new one you can see the fuel rods being stacked up (which look identical to the fuel rods mesh) while in the old reactor, they fuel rods look completly diffrerent. I think you guys should keep the old reactor BUT move the waste output to the front like it is in the new one and you could find a way to make the fuel rods look like their mesh counterparts. I just feel like the new reactors are really boring and I thought that you being able to see inside and being able to see the arm accidentally drop the fuel rod in was a very nice touch. I do understand that the new mesh is still a work in progress so who knows :/
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new reactor not rly good +
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+1 Really enjoyed the robotic arm dropping the fuel rod.
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