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How about a new type of foundation (if it can be called foundation) wich allows you to easily place train tracks along vanilla stone-walls or cliffs and also looks way better than the normal foundations?
The idea would be some kind of freely placable Beam-construction, similar in design to the perdendicular conveyor wall, only for train tracks. I've built a few train tracks along walls (partially because i think it looks pretty cool), and had some frustrations while fiddleling with the regularfoundations, on top of which I then placed the tracks. I mean, it worke, but there might be room for improvement.
Thanks for readin, i guess :)
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yes, you were talking about poles, what i meant was a support you can snap to a wall independant of the hight to the floor. Poles are still useful though, my suggestion just adds anther level to the system.
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Ah I get it, so basically a pole/beam/support, but not vertically horizontal connected for better looks. I think I will add something similar to my own suggestion as well but a free-placement variation than, which also works in terrain.
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Exactly. That way one could easily treverse large distances on natural cliffs without blocking paths for trucks or explorers (even though trains are damn fast, to get somewhere quickly an explorer is definetly more useful).

It might get fiddly with the hitboxes of the cliff though so you might need some sort of wall as a prebuilt foundation to make it work the way it "should".
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Yes, but your "same idea" existed before. There is no use in creating the same thread some weeks later.
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