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I'm trying to play the current experimental version (0.1.17 / build 101256) offline / without running the epic launcher. Upon loading a save the game prompts me to start a 'a new offline session' - if i do, i spawn as a new player, with a duplicate player appearing in my original postion.

This has happened in earlier versions of the game, but was fixed 0.1.12. Is anybody encountering similar issues trying to save/load games in offline mode? Is this intended?

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That issue has never been fixed or looked in to it.

The requirement of having Epic launcher connected to internet might not be sorted till Final full game version.

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As i've stated this had already been fixed in 0.1.12, with the game assinging a machine-unique ID to the player, along with deleting disconnected/inactive players in private sessions (see patch notes). This meant that you would return to your prior player character upon loading a saved game, instead of starting off as a new player.

This worked fine up until 0.1.15. Starting with 0.1.16 this behaviour reverted to assigning random numbers to players and creating duplicates.

I wouldn't have bothered to report this if this hadn't already been fixed in prior versions.
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