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so in patch 101353 I added a loop at my station to try it out and at the split of the track the train went 1 way and the other's went another
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I tried having the train at the rear on my test track as you suggested Lyonnel, unfortunately, the train just keeps reporting 'unable to reach destination' even though the stations were pointing in the right direction and the freight unloading parts were on the correct side.

As soon as I removed the freight trucks the trains ran around the track just fine.

Looks like the script doesn't know what to do if they're pushing freight cars instead of pulling them.
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sorry if it didn't work.
and what about inserting a locomotive (with no freight truck)  between the two trains ? if that locomotive has the same route as the first train, i guess the splitter won't split that train.
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@wullail you can set it up omnidirectional. Just put an reverse train station at the other end of your stations and add a second locomotive facing the other direction onto your trains.
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Won't work. The problem lies in running multiple trains on single-track.  You simply can't do it as the game is currently written.
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The problem is with track splitting. I made a long continuous track around the whole island with about 20 train stops BUT I made each train stop split off of the continuous track so it won't impede the continuous flow when they inevitably add unit collision. It causes problems for now but I'm sure it will be fixed by the time I have all the stations and everything functioning and optimized.
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