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I'm disappointed at the lack of power for locomotives. I was planning on using a 4-cargo wagon train to service a factory fed by 3 mine stations. A locomotive is not capable of getting the 4-cargo wagon up the steepest rail you are allowed to build.

So I concocted an alternate plan: I'll use multiple 2-wagon trains for the same thruput. Unfortunately, since the 2nd output of the loading station was removed, I can't get the thru-put I need without building multiple entirely separate trains stations for unloading a single material.

Given all the above, I wonder what the point of trains are? I could accomplish the exact same thing, much more easily, with a couple trucks. Really disappointed :(
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It looks like when they changed the loading station they inadvertently hid the second output. It's still there,  but a little harder to use since the belt connections are a little off atm.
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It's silly you can construct a track that can then not be used.  Train should always be able to move. Though it could be at a (very) restricted speed.
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I agree, I built a train with 3 locomotives and no train cars and came back only to see that it was stuck.
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Can't confirm this. I have a rather large and long ramp with half-foundations. For testing purposes I added 5 cars and 4 for them full with bauxit ... the train was sure a little slower but still acceptable 40-50 km/h on the ramp with only one engine.

But I noticed that a train on Auto-Pilot (I drived along on the roof of the engine) seem to be more able to pass this ramp than driving myself. I can't confirm it at this point but it seems driving manually has a little less power than an engine on autopilot.
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Couple complications:

1. You can build rails steeper than the 8x2 slope (but not as steep as 8x4)
2. I have a station immediately at the top of the hill, so the AI may be struggling as it slows down to early for the station and then isn’t powerful enough to continue.

I tried adding a second Loco to the back of the train but it didn’t help

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In the experimental build #101486 I put together a train with 6 carriages. Adding a second and third locomotive in the front definitely helped in getting the train moving. It even reached a slightly higher speed on my test track (115km/h instead of 109km/h for a single locomotive).
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