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After building a pair of long routes and trying to think about future issues, I came up with the following wish list.

1. Link parallel tracks -- similar to linking stacking conveyor pole -- to allow you to run two tracks on along a route.

2. Simplify setting up parallel station tracks -- train arriving with cargo from station one using lane one and the one from station two uses lane two

3. Vertical stacking for tracks to allow two, separate tracks to fit through a narrow passage.

4. Add a parking brake switch to prevent the unit from running away when parked on a slope.  It would also help when trying to delete a train on a slope.

5. Allow us to activate automatic running while on the train.  Needed to test the functions and to enjoy the view.  Running after a train is not fun. :)
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I want to hear that train horn when it's in automatic. That thing sounds fantastic, we should hear it when the train leaves and arrives at a station.

Definitely agree to 5, maybe a manual/autopilot toggle to drive it yourself and have it stay where you leave it, or let it go on its merry way without regard for you being on board.

For 2, I set up foundations for their snap points on just about everything I build. I don't want to think about how much concrete I've used, but things look organized and smooth.

A final suggestion, pylons for the rails like there are for the belts. Something I can place under the rails that make it look like it's being held up without using three thousand 8x4 foundations.
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I agree that it would be interesting to (optionally) hear the train horn when it's either approaching a station or a switch.
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Item 4: Parking Brake
The farther my tracks are extended, the more critical this one is becoming.  I have too many switches that are located in the wilderness where level ground simply doesn't exist.  If the setting on a switch gets changed, it is often impossible for me to exit the train, change the switch settings and get back into the train before it is out of reach and racing away.  Please add an emergency parking brake.
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@Sakshale Did you try my workaround https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/24306/workaround-train-handbrake-not-working , i.e. when you set an unreachable station as next stop and leave the train, it will instantly brake to halt.
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