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Experimental Release : If I fly using my jetpack and use all of the fuel, when I land it now takes 2 fuel rather than the previous 1.

I have also had a couple of vehicles become absent of fuel much quicker than expected, one the travel distance was not that large and had consumed much more than usual and the other was stationary without auto pilot on, I cam back to it and it had no fuel present?
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I have noticed several vehicles.. most notably the Explorer occasionally will "run out of fuel on it's own".  That is, I can hop out at home factory with like 60 or 50 TurboFuel in it, run around inside and do some crafting for about 15 minutes then go back and hop in it to go somewhere and suddenly, "No fuel" .. it runs out supposedly on it's own just sitting there? I didn't want to report this because I thought I was crazy or forgetting it was low or something. But apparently n3rding is seeing it too. It's not exactly the jetpack issue.. jetpack'ing seems fine to me. But I have noticed the fuel in vehicles issue you're reporting. So I guess I'm not crazy.
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I've just raised a separate issue for the explorer here:
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