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There are a couple of issues with the newest iteration of the train stations as of version  0.1.19 (Build 101486). And because images are easier to understand I made some screens with notes. It hope it can help to make it better / perfect / problem free.

Issue 1: Belt connections are not grid-aligned and stand out too much

Note: It does not matter if belt is placed one snap more to the right than the belt-snake would just be going to the left side than right but it would still not be straight.

Issue #2: Outer Collission box of the left is too restrictive / too large

Note: The station is placed on foundation and place so that the track is in the center of a foundation (the way most players will place it for optimal track / train spacing).

This issue might be bit more complex because I guess the roof is forcing the outer box so much out, but please consider helping the players here they need to place foundations, wall and probably conveyor belts left because there is the next station on multi-track stations.

General remarks

Please be sure that the same changes / restrictions are applied to all 3 station module types equally it don't help players much if the outbox is optimized for one module type but the other two are slightly different in this case for example it works with train station module and docking/freight module but not with the empty module.

closed with the note: Issue #1 is fixed with the EA relase of Update #2. The second issue was adjusted but new errors occured therefore a followup under https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/24631/train-station-bounding-boxes-still-problematic-update-2
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I'd like to add that, from a convenience aspect it would be nice to be able to set the orientation of the building and direction that automated trains enter from separately. This would allow players greater ability to customise the side on which the loading of trains occurs on. I currently have an ugly (but functional) DIY fix of placing the station facing the opposite direction, place the loading platforms, remove the station, place the station facing the 'correct' direction. This results in a working train line but looks weird since the station platform and loading platform don't match sides and it takes up more space since the station/loading platform don't have their rails dead centre.
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Was issue #1 actually fixed? I was pretty sure this is still an issue...
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Yes it is. That is, if you play the normal EA version. Experimental is outdated. ... Unless they patched the bug in today again.
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