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I did a lot of testing with the train system over the last couple of days and build stations and since today a new experimental patch had come out which did a lot of things in this area I thought I give to my bug report in the other post also a little suggestion which was roling around my head. Now is better than later as it's all experimental still and not released.

It's a suggestion that why I did not add it to the other and because I'm not sure if it feasible.


The main goal is to give the player a little more space with stations, to be able to make everything a little more compact than right now. In general the new station modules are great, but when you try to really really play with them including building more stations next to each other and really connecting them all with belts to the factory a couple of things poped up, which leads me to this suggestion.

The other thing was why there is sooo much free space between the track and the plattform. The trains don't need it as tracks are always straight and it's a rather long jump from the train standing grids left and right to the station plattform. Getting on the train is even stranger as you run first down in the pit and than up on the train. If the plattform were close this would not be necesarry.

So here some graphics with notes to make it clearer:

Just to make sure: This is not about general change of the building or making them smaller, it's just about moving parts to gain roughly 2 or 3 m / grid-snappoints on each side.

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It’s a big world baby, let that factory BREATHE
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I have the same opinion... These Station Modules are simply too big... Its not fun to build these.
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