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i have the problem that, if a certain distance is reached the trains can't keep up with the Mk. 5 Conveyers. So when i want to reach full effiency i have to put hundreds of Conveyer lines through the world just like it has been before the Trains were here. That acutally makes me sad, because the idea with the trains is awesome. For example: im mining 780/sec iron and want that to be at my main base  (it is only 1/6 World length away) i started the time right at the moment when the freight cars are unloaded and the Conveyers start to move them into a container. The time between the last iron ore being moved to the container (with Mk. 5), and the freight cars being unloaded aigain, is 1min and 10 sec which equals 910 iron ores which are missing in that time...

The solution could be:

adding 16 slots to the fright cars (so it would be the same as the industrial containers) but also with this solution the distance is limited to a certain point

making the train a lot faster :)

Also with this solution, the distance where Mk 5. Conveyers aren't more efficient than trains, is limited

Please tell me ur opinion :)
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1. More freight cars
2. Multiple trains
3. Both
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Multiple Trains could be an idea, thanks :)

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I also think they need a little more fine-tuning, but on the other hand I don't think they were made for short distances. But since all trains can use the same rail line, at least at the moment, the true power lies in its scaling potential:

A coal train with 4 freight wagons can carry 4 x 32 x 100 = 12800 Coal. One trip to my coal mine and back takes about 6 minutes, so the maximum throughput of the train is 12800 / 6 = 2133,... coal per minute.

You could now argue that 3 MK5 Belts do the same, but if you suddenly need double or ten times the coal (who knows what future updates might bring), then you can either build 10 times more belts across the whole map, which is annoying, or you just set up 5 more trains, which is done in like 5 minutes.
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