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Hello developers and players

For me the spacelift is mostly in the game as a decoration.

Why not use him to get benefits from his presence.

We have slots on this lift to import goods.
Everybody comes to the point where large parts of the production stand still and players delete engines and the like to see if everything works.

So here is my suggestion !!

Why do not we give the space lift a part of the production to get benefits.
What do I mean by that?
Quite simply, we give the Spacelift every minute 5 engines and get 5% more energy.


15 metal frames = + 2% more basic resources a min

15 heavy metal frames = + 2% more oil production a min

and and and .....

Of course, the percentages are to be matched to the items. However, this would be a nice idea !!

I hope you like the idea and support it.

Thanks a lot and have fun playing

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There have been a few proposals you could upvote, just search for space elevator or space lift.

Or https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/22692/reaches-saturation-require-continuous-consumption-resources
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Thanks but there are so many question ;DD You cant find all  ;DD
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