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Right now, the trains consume between 15 and 80MW independent of the number of trains or locomotives. I think it would be good to consider all moving railway stock on the same tracks when computing the total power consumption.
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I thought - according to the text in the builder menu - the choo choo itself consumes between 15 and 80 MW and the station and freight plattform consume 50 MW each.
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Hard to confirm ;-) My initial thought was triggered by having two locomotives pulling the same train but the heads-up display of the locomotive maxing out at 80MW.
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It's because you wrote above "the train stations consume between 15 and 80MW". And the number of trains has no effect with the power consumption.

I just tried it out with a separate power line. I have a train line with two stations, two freight plattforms and one train. My Powerpole says:

1. each station consumes 50MW all the time (=100 MW all the time)
So it's not the station consuming 15  to 80 MW.

2. each freight plattform consumes 50 MW, but only if they're active (loadung/unloadung)

3. train consumes what it needs (from 15 MW to 80 MW), but 15 MW all the time, even if it stands still.

4. Alltogether it is a power consumption of 115 MW in idle (no train goes, no plattform loads/unloads).

5. Putting a second train on the same track rises this idle consumption to 130 MW.

So everthing works as intended, at least in my game.
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OK, thanks for testing. Then it's just the train UI which hides the truth somewhat ;-) Putting two locomotives in front of the same train, the train display shows only the power consumption of the locomotive you are sitting in. Somehow I was expecting to see the total.
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