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There have been additions to the red bamboo forest area in EXP recently and there were a few trees that spawned in the middle of my new aluminum complex. These are large trees that are not destructible.

They clip through my equipment but is there any way I can get rid of these trees?
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Same here, cannot expand my Aluminium complex due to undestructible trees.

Screenshot: https://snag.gy/4BnIRw.jpg
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Well, the trees clip so you can still build through them. I'm fortunate that my building only had one tree mostly, that penetrates my factory. I just went ahead and put a hole through the center so my factory looks like a hippie bistro :)

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I have a similar problem.... Last Week I build a nuclear reactor on top of the uranium cave, but since the last update there are now lots of gas groves, so my whole reactor is now full with gas AND radiation.... very hard to get into this place now. Nobelisks don't work on them.
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Yeah :) My radar tower is up there with my distribution center between Aluminum, Quartz, Copper and my main base. Fortunately, most of my routing is already done but if I need to change something it's a MOPP3 Chernobyl'esque scene.
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