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Alongside the building to-do lists I would like to suggest implementing a simple to do list which could range from a simple "sticky note" like just a HUD element to a customisable "PDA" type list where you can plan tasks you need to complete.

Consider it a self-assigned objective log.

This list should be saved and available when loading your game as I've lost a lot of time trying to remember what I was working on.

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One of the ways I do this is by setting buildings in my construction queue.  I have a rough idea of what I am going to do so I list all the buildings and items I am going to build and it gives me a bill of material so that I know I have everything I will need to finish the project when I head out.
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That makes sense, but the main point I'm trying to convey is:

This list should be editable with custom text to ensure you can set goals like "find this number of flowers" or "Increase coal load balancing". Things that can't necessarily be quantified with recipes.

It should also be saved and come up as a reminder or be referenced in a journal of some sort.
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