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1. Give rails the ability to rotation in small increments on foundation, just like when rotating foundation on the world.  It's difficult to straighten out a rail after a turn and having to see long segments of straight track be just slightly curved.

2. Add a train controller UI.  Control all trains schedules and conditions without going to the train.  Trying to find and modify the train would be a nightmare.

3. Remove the rail junction switch and allow the player to control which rail they want to go by using the 'A' and 'D' keys.

4. Allow the player to just ride the train.
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2 is already there - click on the timetable when interacting with a station
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To clarify on 2, add access to all trains schedules and conditions with a simple dedicated button without you traveling to the trains or stations.
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I agree with 1 and 3, I think that the junctions are creating many problems and with the current system where trains can go through one another, I think it just makes sense for each train to just be able to go in its assigned direction. having the straightening feature would be nicer too as I'm pretty sure trains lose some speed on curvy terrain so straightening would maximise efficiency and well as looking good visually too.
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