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The switch in the monorail track is not working correctly.

It doesn't matter which way the arrow is pointing in my case the train will always go right when driving manualy.

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I confirm this happens with some switches but consistently the other way round. In this screenshot the train is supposed to go left but it takes the right track. When switched to the right side it takes the left track.
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I just added a switch that is driving me crazy.  I have three trains running on the circuit.  I manually set the switch to the correct position.  However, whenever an engine is approaching, it resets to the wrong position and will not let me change the setting until the engine passes.  Since it is a new segment, I have no idea what is happening.
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I have this issue as well. Not all the switches did this for me only some of them did it. The AI ignores the switches and goes the way it wants to which will fix the switches only when the switch is set to the direction the AI is going but this will also do the opposite.  My guess is the code that calculates the routes for the AI is not reading the switch's positions and makes the train go in that direction no matter which way the switch is set to. When the AI changes the switch direction the graphic for the switch is not updated.
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I' have a similar issue, however I don't have any AI on the track. just a manual train and switch not working correctly.
I've recorded it.

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Confirmed: arrow graphics may not show the current set direction, best solution is to try it and then go back if wrong, change arrow and then it should go the direction you want. Please be careful if you have multiple switches near each other and multiple train cars: backing up into a switch set the direction you didn't come from will break your train apart.

If any freight car is separated from its engine, deconstructing that car deletes it's contents instead of putting the contents in your inventory or an extra inventory box on the map. I tested once and adding an engine to the broken freight car fixes the deconstruction action so the contents are restored to inventory.
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i tried different setups and come to the conclusion that switches don't work.

the reason is: the train approaching a switch sets the direction. now if another train catches up  it may overlap and change the direction within the trains length so it gets separated.

simple solution: build track for each train line. you can run 20 trains on one line without a switch. works flawless.
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Someone did an experiment and it has to do with which part of the track is put down first ,if I remember right , if the track going LEFT or on the left is placed first , the switch is shown in the orientation people expect it to show.

Otherwise the switch is shown in the reversed orientation and looks like it's going in the opposite direction.
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