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Hi everyone,

Everything was working fine in my factory, but since a few days now, and without having me changing anything, iron ores are not going anymore into smelter and foundry.
If I undo/redo the belt, it works again for 5 to 10 ores, and then stop again.

I checked, it is only happening for iron ore, everywhere in the factory.
There is no contamination, and enough power

Anyone having the same problem ?
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Nope. All my iron ores get fed in to all of my machines. Are you sure you aren't combining the belt with some other ore and getting something on the belt that's not iron ore getting fed in to the machine? That will cause it to stop processing.
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You may want to load up one of your old savegame to see if it clears up. That's if you been making new savegame or just updating the same one over and over again.
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Yes, I checked, and it is only iron, nothing else ..

I loaded an old save, and it works again, I "just" lost 4 hours of game. I guess I'll start back from then, and hope it won't happen again
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I had this same problem. Thought it was a massive bug. Then determined that my color blindness killed me here. I'd merged limestone into my iron line. couldn't see the difference in whatever time of day I'd done it. *falcepalm*

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I made some investingations, and as soon as I upgrade my belt for screws into Mk4, it stops... As if I was needing to much of iron and it makes it stop. I really don't understand, and it is quite complicated, cause I can't make my factory run faster then...
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