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I can build stuff, but when I try to drag resources into the machines, an [X] appears over the resource icon and I can't seem to put it in. Also, I don't see the count of stuff that is currently in it, I only see a black number on the bottom right of the icon that shows how much is needed per unit.
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Should note this is on experimental, may just be a bug. I can change the recipe and pull finished stuff out, just can't put any resources in.
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I am having that bug too atm see the video here! https://youtu.be/nSN6PVjsitI
Its just annoying when your at the start of the game and your friend is hosting and you are the client. Ill hope it will get fixed as fast as possible.
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confirmed, in our game the client can e.g. take out finished products out of a machine, but he can't take out the inputs
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Yeah this bus has occured to me aswell anyone know how long will it take to fix?
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