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Description: Here's an odd bug that is highly annoying. If you first pick up an item from flora/fauna, ADA usually plays a message about it, e.g. "this consumable possesses minor healing properties..." However, if you pick up an item, save the game, load the game, the second item (and all other subsequent ones) will no longer play their message! Since the game is hard to play in a single session, this seems like an unavoidable bug.

Reproduced on both early access and experimental builds as of 2019/06/30. Also verified game files before reproducing the bug.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start a new game in the Grassy Fields. Place a HUB or don't, either way the bug still triggers.

2. Pick up a non-ore item (confirmed with: creature carapace, flower petals, pale berries, beryl nuts, bacon mushroom, mycelia, fabric, all 3 kinds of power slugs, somersloop, mercer sphere).

3. Save the game.

4. Load the save game.

5. Picking up another item of a different type will no longer trigger any messages. If you have placed the HUB down, you can see that the first item you picked up has a codex message but the second item does not.

Here are some save games on the latest experimental build that shows the bug:

Start.sav is a clean start, after equipping the xeno-zapper.

HUB Completed.sav is an unbugged save, conveniently next to some flower petals and creature carapaces. If you pick up both, both messages will play.

Save Bugged.sav is a bugged save, having picked up a creature carapace and then saved the game. Subsequently, picking up a petal (or anything else) will no longer trigger any messages.

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