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Please add an option to the train timetable entries to force a minimum wait time for a train before it departs a station.

Currently trains only wait as long as it takes to do a cargo (un)load, or not at all if there is nothing to do. There are quite a few cases where a player might want a train to only run every so often (uranium, nuclear waste) an spend most of its time on a siding somewhere.

Truck routing does include waiting period options which are very handy and they were also part of the train setup Jace showed in the vehicle devblog way back when.

The departure delay ought to be timed from the moment the train stops, but be automagically extended if it is shorter than a load cycle. Whether the load cycle happens at the beginning or end of the delay ought to be configurable, but either option would work.
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Or at least an option for the train to leave the station only when all cars are full loaded. Right now  I have 2 trains running with only 3 slots loaded ( because of the short distance between stations - maybe 1 minute driving ).  I know for sure that the input on loading station is higher then the output on the unloading station but because the train stay for very short time in station I don't get enough materials to unloading station.(this is not the best use of the train but I don't want to run belts for such a long distance) . Also because of the limitations of the item per minute on belts on the input/output stations we get the trains running all most empty. For example on my case 1 minute running time between stations and belts MK4 I will get maximum 480 items on each car , but if we can add a delay for the train leaving the station ( time or only when full loaded/empty) we can get a better balance between loading/unloading stations.
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