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Can you please shrink the Train Station Models a bit? These are really to big.
The Space between the Rail and the Station platform are so big that you "theoretically" need to build a Bridge to go into a Wagon. Also the whole Models are to big.
3 Tiles Width are totally enough instead of 5. And also 2 1/2 or Maximum 3 Walls Height are also enough instead of currently 4 or how height these are...
Its absolutelly not fun to use these because these are Monsters in comparsion to all other Mashines and things...
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Seems to me that, when I exit a train at a station, I should be standing on a platform, not under the train between the wheels.  The gap between the tracks and the platform is too big.
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I agree it would be nice to be standing on a platform when you exit the train.
However the sizes of the models really don't bother me at all. The size of the cargo feels about right in terms of storage compared to storage containers, and from there the rest seems fine as well.
And it's not like factories are really limited in size so just build bigger :)

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They are 3x2 foundation wise, with a bit overhang on one side. Not too big IMHO.
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but hitboxes on the station and empty platform  do not fully match the platform. I cannot put down station buildings directly backing on to station buildings. This means an island platform is bigger than it has to be.
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The size on the ground feels reasonable from my perspective. I'm totally fine with them having platforms so that I can move around the station without getting hit by a train. With that said, they do indeed feel really tall. I'm not completly sold on the new mechanism to load the train, and it's a large part of why the station is so tall.
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i like the size of the buildings it gives me this futuristic feeling. also there is sooo much space just think and build bigger : D
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