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Additional alternate recipes for high level items, which can be assigned to constructors and only have one item-type as input and no output. High consumption rate of 60 per minute would be good. Those recipes can be used as intermediary resource sinks for players who wants them for their factory-complexes until something better comes along.


Currently there is no automatic way to destroy items besides manually dragging stacks onto the Trash-icon by hand. (EDIT: Some) People want sinks for items they no longer want, which disappear without manual interaction. Some people just build mega-storage areas (EDIT: with hundreds of storage containers) but it's not the best idea performance wise and it's not really needed gameplay-wise to have multiple thousand stacks of items laying around somewhere and every storage will be full at some point. (EDIT: Some people seem to be offended by that.)

Every expansion of the factory and optimization of power supply and resources and production comes to a sudden hold when the storages are full and manually deleting hundreds of stacks is no fun at all. Now with the introduction of trains, this becomes even more a topic because they allow large quantities of stacks moved around.

Now it would be nice, if we had a more elaborate resource sink, e.g. the Space Elevator, which automatically and continously want items, for example the items of the highest tier unlocked or something (and we could see the nice Elevator animation more often). But for the time being that's not available.

Another device / building to consume any items which is send to them would also be nice, but someone must model it first and it must be programmed and tested and so on and I guess there are currently more important things to do for the developers.

So why not add alternate recipes to the game, which just consumes one type of high-end product but don't deliver anything for them. Than players could build constructors to destroy specific items with belts. Of course a dedicate device to destroy stuff might be better, but I guess adding some small alternate recipe is super easy to accomplish in minutes and can seamlessly integrated into an ongoing patch and removed if something else can be delivered. And would make a lot of people happy with this and may give them a reason to play again for while and a reason to expand the production and try to optimize the flow of items.

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No one said anything about additional storage containers, you came up with that. Build power plants. Build other oil refineries. Build 3km up to see the tip of the space elevator. Go explore some caves and hunt slugs to overclock your equipment and build ramps and floors to get around jump puzzles. There's so much stuff to do in the game to require you to keep building things that your factories should already be running most of the time just to keep up with pulling out resources to keep building things. There's currently enough slugs in the game to create 1,188 shards. Make it a personal goal to collect them all and build what's needed to get there maybe.
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You basically suggest to keep playing like I do all the time. But you can't expand as fast as you produce new items you will always end up in more and more full storages and no way to get rid of everything.

Why should I build new power plants, when then original will do. The production is standing still most of the time because I can't get rid of surplus items (automatically). Building additional factories only increases the baseline problem ... too many items and no way to get them all to use (in a useful way).

Having the option to send some of the items into nothingness is an option here, the only option for now to keep everything running. And as I said I hate it and it's not fun to do that for an entire storage container less much for multiple. So a nice little train station called "Worlds End" and all freight stations lead to a sorting facility, which ends in an array of little constructors which consumes all ... but don't produce anything.

Restarting is no option for me build too much already this would only happen if something really really big happens with the map. And pretending like I havn't build anything already in another corner is not my style. I want to keep expanding and make use of my infrastructure and make use of a big power facility and want to see a train net which is buzzing with activity. So it made sense to put the effort in building all of that. Restarting and pretending is not an option here for me.
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Then you're creating your own imaginary problem with the game and that's an issue uniquely to you. The game is developed and designed to work as it is already doing. They didn't design the game to repeatedly chew up resources for no reason other than to just consume things. I'm 300 hours in to my current play through and I still haven't even constructed enough power to handle my entire factory all spooled up at once. I haven't completed nuclear power yet and I haven't even tried playing with trains yet. I still need to spend almost my entire day today to go hunting more slugs and there's areas of the map I haven't explored yet and I still haven't played with radar towers yet. Any game that can give 400-500 hours of play time is enough to be done with it by then to most people.
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Let's not get personal again shall we (with my imaginary problem).

Okay. Than I wait until you reached everything you want to achieve. You probably have a little burn out before that anyway like I had just before the first juni experimental appeared. Which had not occured when there would have been a nice little endless resource sink. See how we always return to the same thing.

Look additional alternate recipes are not mandatory for anyone. If someone don't want to use them, that's okay. It all about having options, have freedom and flexibility to choose how to play. And after all I just made a suggestion here. We will see what others think about that and if or if not the developers see some truth in here.
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Great idea! This would be a really nice solution.
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