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The trains in back to back mode will not run to the timetable order if you add a third plus station onto the same track. It either gets stuck or only goes from end to end, this needs fixing
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Having the same issue.  The schedule seems to jump around and skip stations after the first pass
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Yes, I can confirm that this doesn't seem to work as intended. I had a one way track before, from A to B, which worked just fine. Then I wanted to add two more stations inbetween which would branch off a bit after Station A to a new track and then get back to the original track a bit before station B. Since then it is skipping stations randomly and sometimes even drives backwards. I have double checked this with others, the set up itself is correctly build. Thank you for looking into this <3
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We are already heavily discussing this issue on reddit:


We tested a lot of things, but noone really could find a "pattern" or what might cause this... Let's hope this gets fixed in the update today, otherwise you can only use trains with dedicated tracks and only 2 stations, this seems to be the only case where everything works as expected, regardless of the train-layout you are using.
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with build it's still bugged and it's sometime that should be working. They even mentioned it in the patch notes: Set up a locomotive at each end if you want it to be able to go back and forth between stations.

I made a loop at both ends of the stations so the train can return with 1 train on the same track. Hope they will fix it soon :).
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