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Basically, as you expand your "Effiecent" automation, and get further in tiers, the aliens could attack your base. Not at creatures, but I bet some creatures would be protective of this place they call home. It honestly makes sense if you add this in the future.
(Talking from a "realistic" perspective here.)
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"Talking from a 'realistic' perspective" - if you've killed off the aliens when you moved in then where do these new ones come from?
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They would gather in force from other parts of the land / planet, ofc =)

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Devs made it clear ! There won't be any animal attacking your base, or you will not make any stupid defense systems !

Go play sanctum if you looking for that !!
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They already defend there home, which is why we need to remove them, to expand.

We dont need this to be 3D Factorio.
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