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I'm here where the scanner says it should be and there's no uranium node. And the miner won't attach to anything. Am I missing something?


Screenshot of the in-game map to go along with it. I -SHOULD- be right in front of it: https://i.imgur.com/k6teHcI.png

Am I missing something here?

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Missing elevation, I'm guessing.
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I think it is 90-100 m down because you cannot get any closer than that. And you neither have any radiation nor do you see the usual circle the scanner makes on a node. I searched for the entrance of a cave but have not found any. Possibly somewhere south. There is an area visible from the lower end of the waterfall but I have not managed to enter it.

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I couldn't find a video by "Kibitz" that showed how to get in to the waterfall cave. But I did find a video by someone else at random with google searching that explained how to get inside.


Using this I was able to get inside and find the uranium node. So thank you Richk1979, that at least got me steered in the right direction to ultimately figure out how to find it in the end.

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its in a cave, go through the water fall the entrence is there. Or watch Kibitz you tube vid.
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