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I'm standing still looking at my base.

Nothing is moving, and my FPS is slowly dropping.

I started at 71FPS and are now down to 35.

I've watched it drop from 54 to 35, and it took about 8 minutes.

Other users on reddit are having issues as well.


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Had over 300 hours in my first save and the low FPS made the game unplayable.   So, I thought if I started over and used better FPS building practices, use as few conveyors as possible, enclose EVERYTHING, I would see better fps?   Nope.  I'm at half the size as my 300 hour save and I'm already starting to see significant fps drops.
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Yep, optimisation is getting worse rather than better.

They mentioned in the latest patch notes that they had done some belt optimisation, but personally I don't believe it.

I don't think they've even heard of multi-threading.
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Reloading the save will get your frames back for a while.
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same here. I never had this good FPS when loading the game! BUT as you mentioned its almost like 1 fps less every minute or so. If they manage to maintain the fps that you get when you freshly load the game. That would be awesome. MY CPU and GPU are Bored as hell and im playing on 4k resolution :D
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I have not noticed significant changes in performance.  Every now and then I run into odd 'performance crapped itself' bits, but I attributed those to garbage collection of some kind.  I suppose I will watch more carefully.
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