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SF EA Exp.: #101547

SF EA :# 101656

SF EA :# 101829

SF EA :# 101873

SF EA :# 102023


Player 2 can't see the amount of input material in fabricator, assembler, manufactorer.

Player 2 cannot insert resources like iron bars, etc..

Player 2 cannot insert resource fuel in Truck

(Output usage works)

Tested workarounds (no success):

1. new game created

2. Player 2 hosted instead of Player 1

3. game version builds verified

4. uninstalled + new installed

5. tested newerBuild  SF EA#101829, same issue

6. tested newerBuild SF EA #101873, solved partially the problem. Interaction with buildings is back to normal. Means, you can see the amount of input ressources, you can change the amount.  But, interaction with vehicles had still the same behaviour (no input, no inventar).

7. tested newer Build SF EA :# 102023 -> problem solved



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Same problem with player 2 & 3.  Have tried kicking players and reinviting.  Have tried making sure all are on Ultra network.  Have tried saving, restarting from desktop.  No dice.
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Can confirmn happening to me too. Along with a whole bunch of network prediction/desync issues. player 2 doesn't see some things on belts, sees machines in wrong state. When driving train/truck it's jumping all over the place. This is played on LAN with no NAT or firewall.
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Given Dooglz's comment, I should probably add that we are over the internet, NAT 'medium' (UPNP used?).  Player 2 is East Coast USA, on very low end hardware that results in playable game with everyone else seeing him 'teleport skip' in roughly half second corrections.  Player 2 has in past had very minor desync of not being able to see an item/equipment or two.  This was corrected by my redeploying said equipment.  Player 3 is on the West coast of Canada, higher end system and all is smooth.  I am host with higher end system and net in South central USA.

While it is possible other desync issues are sneaking past as simply never having been noticed, it is all quite playable.

Also, Player 2 & 3 are able to change recipe, interact with resulting product.  Only interaction with source product remains issue no matter any possible workarounds we have tried.
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Same thing happning to me
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try Build #101873

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7. tested newer Build SF EA :# 102023 -> problem solved

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